Learning with Laughter

Workshop participants perform their TV commercial skit for "Waka-Waka" cosmetics.

On Friday 29 July, 20 high school and middle school science teachers who might otherwise be enjoying their summer breaks, gathered for a workshop to learn how to implement the Young Ambassadors for Chemistry program in their classrooms. Held at the Chemistry Department of the University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras in San Juan, the workshop found a highly receptive and enthusiastic audience. The teachers were guided through the workshop by Lida Schoen and Erica Steenberg, Science Across the World team members, who used a “train the teachers” approach in which the teachers perform the same experiments and exercises that they will have their students perform. Workshop participants were assisted by a friendly group of graduate students of Prof. Ingrid Montes Gonzalez of the Department of Chemistry.

As these photos attest, the teachers at the workshop shared many laughs as they created and performed skits of television commercials for the creams and lotions they created in the earlier experiments.

A group of the teachers from the workshop plans to conduct to hold a Young Ambassadors for Chemistry public event at the De Quimica festival, which will take place 1-4:30 PM on Sunday 31 July at the Paseo de la Princess in Old San Juan.

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